Fantastic classes with so much to offer – my 6/7 year old loved the story telling, games, crafts and video cartoon making. The whole team are very friendly and make the sessions lots of fun.

Glow Classes


My children loved attending Glow. They learnt lots of different techniques including animation, filming videos, acting, narration and singing. Each term they concentrated on a different theme, such as Greek Tragedies and Matilda (by Roald Dahl) and put together performances using multi-media. Gloria is always enthusiastic and encouraging. My shy daughter blossomed into a confident public speaker and my extrovert son learnt how to manage his enthusiasm! I would totally recommend Glow as it is different from traditional acting classes and is brilliant for children of all abilities.

Glow Classes  

Catherine, mother of 2 

Thanks Glow for getting us in on an amazing community art project last week at Edgewick Primary School in Coventry! Painting a huge mural around the three walls of the school hall with the help of over 100 kids was great! We loved creating the timeline of the local area including historical events and interesting facts about Foleshill and Coventry. Can’t wait to see more videos/time lapses/pictures soon!
Thanks again go to Glow for being such brilliant creative facilitators you made it such a joy to work with the children and local people on this project. It really couldn’t have gone any better! Cant wait to see the kids faces when they see it on the first day back! Your hard work and organisation truly made this project come together so perfectly. Really looking to working on more Glow projects in the future! Well done guys!

Community Arts Project


Fantastic! Our boys love your holiday clubs! You really feed their imaginations! They come home non stop chatting about what they have been up to, they love showing us what they have made and will act out the stories they made up for us! They really enjoyed the stop motion animation that they did with you and acted it out with the clay models that they brought home! They are really keen to make their own films now! Lovely team of adults looked after my boys and the other children were friendly too. Thank you Glow

Glow Summer Fun Day

Louise, Mother of 2

Brilliant! Full of energy encouraging my child’s imagination and creativity. There are always new and fun ideas each session. Glow offers much more than other similar providers and gets a huge thumbs up from us!

Glow Classes

Wendy, Mother of 3

Glow is a uniquely creative group for children and young people in Coventry. They offer much more than the standard ‘song and dance’ routine of other theatre or dance groups. Glow combines acting, storytelling, craft, design, singing, dance and animation work with children from primary school age on up to encourage the widest possible expression of artistic creativity. We love Glow because it draws on children’s own imagination, ideas and need to play.  The sessions are structured, but allow for flexibility and input from all the children. The leaders are warm, friendly, accepting, creative and well organised.  I highly recommend Glow to all parents and children and carers.
My son loves Glow more than any other activity he attends. ‘It lets me be myself and do stuff I wouldn’t normally get to do at school or anywhere else.

Glow Classes

Amy, Mother of 3

Francis’ ability to explain the techniques behind successful character drawing to such a mixed group was marvellous. All who attended (ranging in age from 6 to 60) were grateful for the opportunity to learn and be inspired by such an expert in this field. We’ll definitely be having him back.

Glow Community Cartooning Workshop

Jon Rea, Blidworth Community Association

A great club for all children. Acting,singing,animation and art. My daughter love the wednesday afternoon clubs and holiday clubs too.The club leaders are dedicated, creative and put fun and enthusiasm into everything they do. They have helped boost my daughter’s confidence and creativity. Thank you Glow!

Glow Classes & Holiday Clubs

Wendy, Mother of 3

Combines my daughter’s two favourite things- drawing and role play. Perfect class for her!

Glow Classes

Debbi, Mother of 2

What I love about Glow is the fact that children and young people are taught many different creative skills… there is a real emphasis on discovering the artistic potential within each and every child.

Glow Classes

Julia, Mother of 4


This amazing initiative is run by the fantastic Gloria – you’ll definitely love her; she has such a natural way which encourages children to discover their own abilities. Her flair for the craft of storytelling and of course, her enthusiasm help children to become bolder and brighter.

Glow Classes & School Workshops

Irene, Mother of 6

‘Glow-Club’ runs both an after-school drama group and an after-school animation group at our school. We have been so impressed with their professional, positive, child-centred approach.  The performances are magical and to see normally timid and quiet children stand up in front of an audience, full of confidence, is such a delightful surprise. If I get stopped in the corridor by enthusiastic children asking if it’s ‘Glow-Club tonight?’ then I know it’s the right choice! 

Caz Thompson, Teaching Assistant, Burton Green Primary School 

Great day. Enjoyed by Zaidan the other children and of course myself! I would love to get involved with other events and highly recommend Glow!

Glow Community Arts Project

Bernadette, Childminder

Amazing club! My kids always enjoy every minute of their session

Glow Classes


We’d never heard of Glow before, but I was looking for a photography/film making-type activity for my 11 year old daughter during the long summer holidays and Glow was suggested to me on Facebook.
Well, my daughter has just come back from the Animation and Comics Camp today. Her verdict? She loved it! She got to use her sculpting skills, learnt loads of new skills, made friends and had lots of fun. She’s already downloaded an app since she got back, and is currently making her own ‘stop motion’ animation! Thank you Francis and Gloria.

Glow Animation and Comics Camp


Just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved in today’s animation and comics camp. Andrew had a fantastic day and he has been truly inspired so much so that we had to buy plasticine on the way home so he could continue his animation.

Glow Animation and Comics Camp

Alex, Mother of 1

My daughter had an AMAZING day with you today and has raved about it all! We will be definitely be back and telling everyone how brilliant it was! So glad I spotted your advert for this!

Glow Musical Theatre Holiday Club

Bernadette, Mother of 1

My daughter had a great time today at holiday club. She talked about all the things she did all evening. When asked what her favourite thing about the day was, she said “making some new friends”  For a shy child, that’s brilliant!

Glow Easter Holiday Club

Debbi, Mother of 2

My 7 year old daughter absolutely loves Glow. The classes & holiday club days encourage her creativity, boost her confidence & make her feel valued & inspired. The team are friendly, knowledgeable, imaginative & passionate about what they do. My daughter has learned so much & we look forward to every session. I love seeing the excitement in her face when she tells me what she’s been doing & thanks to James she even wants to learn piano! Give Glow a try, they literally do help your child to glow, from the inside out

Glow Easter Holiday Club

Debbi, Mother of 2

Lovely opportunity to try different things, very fun and educational. One of my sons drew his first ‘proper’ picture… They look forward to Wednesdays!

Glow Classes

Nicky, Mother of 2

Tilda is both sensitive and astutely analytical in the accounts that she gives of play… she portrays the children as powerful agents in the construction of their own imaginative and created worlds.

Glow Research

Dr Anton Franks, Associate Professor, Creative Arts and Education, University of Nottingham

Thank you for your professional support of our children’s art and creativity! They enjoy Glow very much

Glow Classes,


My Son really enjoyed meeting other children and doing a range of activities, particularly acting.

Glow Classes


I work for Warwickshire county council as a family support worker. I was looking for something to capture the attention of one of the lovely but disengaged young people I was working with.

The Glow team are really skilled at engaging children and young people and inspiring their creativity. I love their sense of passion and inclusion for all with the arts.

BIG thanks!!!

Glow Holiday Clubs

Priority Families-Family Support Worker
Warwickshire County Council

Dear Francis and Gloria, Classes 22 and 23 would like to say thank you for showing us how to have confidence in ourselves. We really enjoyed creating the comic strips and our own characters. But, best of all, we LOVED animating! You were really kind to us and helped us to do well. We are very proud of the work we have done today!

Glow workshops for The Big Draw

Maple Hayes Dyslexia School

In September 2015, we moved into our new school building, and although we were very excited about this we all felt that we wanted to take something from our old school with us. We wanted to have something that would sum up the history and the ethos of the old school, and to mark the beginning of a new era whilst celebrating the fact that we had been “Educating or Community since 1876”.

We discussed with Gloria, what sort of activity we might undertake, to meet our needs. As a result it was agreed to hold a whole community art project during the last week of the summer holidays would be appropriate. The event was hugely successful. Children and their parents and siblings joined in to create a huge mural on the old hall noticeboards, which told the history of the local area and how it developed from a small rural village, to the urban zone of migration and change that it is now. There were films and photos of the development of the project throughout the week.

When we were ready to move to the new building, we were able to take the boards with us and they now adorn the entrance hall and library. The reactions of visitors is hugely positive, and it is exactly what we had hoped for. It is something that reminded us of the old building and the happy times we all had there, and how time moves on but the school’s ethos remains the same – meeting new challenges, supporting our families and rejoicing in our relationship with each other.

We have worked with Glow for a number of years, and have always been delighted with the arts and drama projects that they have generated. This year, their After School Activities have been so popular that we have had to put on an extra session.

I highly recommend Glow to you. Edgewick Community Primary School have loved working with them, and we hope to continue to do so in the future.

Jayne McHale – Headteacher, Edgewick Community Primary School

My son has enjoyed the Glow sessions. He has improved on drawing and is more adventurous with his colours. Great fun with Gloria.

Glow Classes


Francis and Gloria both have the ability to spin off the energy and spontaneity of younger audience members, whilst still creating an environment in which older audience members can become captivated by the story. To be in a position in which both old and young spectators are entranced by your performance is a very unique gift for a company to have… It was a privilege to invite families to experience Glow’s work at Shoot Festival 2014, and we hope they will continue to invite families, schools… if not, then ‘big’ kids, to lose themselves in the digital magic of Story Stew.

Glow Performances: Story Stew

Jen and Paul, Shoot Festival Organisers

Fantastic company to work with! Glow have been working in my school providing an after school club for over a year. Enhancing children’s learning and experiences and encouraging their creativity, artistically and dramatically. Glow have recently co-ordinated a community arts project based at the school for children and adults over the summer holidays. The #WeHeARTFoleshill project was a great success and would not have been achieved without the hard work and commitment of Glow!

Glow After School Classes & Community Arts Project

Ruth Hegarty, Edgewick Community Primary School

Peace of mind

Glow takes seriously our responsibility to promote children’s welfare and safeguard all  young people in our care.  By working together to safeguard and protect children and young people, we can create a space in which they feel valued and capable.

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