At Glow we love to share and celebrate the amazing achievements of our team! Read on to find out more about some of the brilliant, creative work they have been doing below…

Tilda, our Education Consultant

“I handed in my PhD thesis at the end of September with the title ‘Exploring children’s experiences of socio-dramatic play through an ethnography of an English Reception classroom’. Two years in the writing – fingers crossed on it being well received. Also, at the end of August, I presented at the European Early Childhood Education Research Association (EECERA) annual conference in Bologna, Italy. I also finished a run of playing Puck in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Nottingham over the summer. It was such good fun to be a cheeky fairy and I have a newly refreshed love of Shakespeare!”


Sophie, our Animation Specialist

“Over the summer, I worked with Chocolate Films for an animation project in Kew Gardens. Our drop-in workshops helped encourage people to try their hand at Stop Motion Animation. Following a pre-made storyboard (which was about the life cycle of a Violet Oil beetle!), we created a new frame each day. The drop-in workshops were free and open to the public young and old. It was brilliant to be a part of this experience, and in such a lovely setting.”

Jason, our Education Officer

“At the beginning of September, I submitted my MA dissertation: ‘What are the educational benefits of a Theatre in Education approach when exploring the issues of identity and belonging?’ Theatre in Education has always been an interest of mine – and is the main reason I chose to study an MA in Drama and Theatre Education – which certainly helped keep me motivated when presented with the daunting prospect of writing 20,000 words on the subject! Around this time, I also moved from my student accommodation in Coventry to renting a flat in not-so-far-away Birmingham. Having enjoyed living in the area so much during my MA, I wanted to stay local and make the most of the friendships I had built up over the last year; funnily enough, Gloria and Tilda knew my personal tutor, proving that it really is a small world after all!”


Ash, our Theatre Specialist

“I’m currently assistant directing a show with second year theatre students at Coventry University – a dream play by Strindberg!! Loving every minute of it. Before that, I took part in the Just So Festival and October Plenty with the Fabularium.”

As you can see, the Glow team really are excited about making the arts accessible to all, especially at a time when funding cuts are putting strains on the arts and culture sector:

Look out for more celebrations of our achievements soon!

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